We provide cutting edge information, provisions and services for families, health professionals, institutions and whosoever can see the vision. Our work requires and enables us to unequivocally and continuously:

  • go Back to Eden - to the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) for often ignored guidance in finding and using the best to have clean air, clean water, real, good food, genuine essential oils, moderate physical activity and other advanced health and wellness solutions.
  • broaden the understanding of  next level information that, It's Clinical Aromatherapy, not commercial aromatherapy! 
  • provide the highest quality of essential oil 'provisions' available in the marketplace through the Seed to Seal Quality Commitment
  • focus on exceptional health and wellness solutions to insure healthier environments & lifestyles now and in generations to come 

After experiencing a life threatening health challenge and seeing family members die young from debilitating and painful health challenges, she sought and found a more excellent way to improve quality of life for herself and then to share with others.        > Next Level Self Care™  Advocate, Integrative Modalities Advocate/ Navigator & Certified Clinical Aromatherapist with over 15 yrs personal experience, professional training and application of the therapeutic use of genuine essential oils for body, mind and spirit friendly options to promote, support and maintain wellness.   > an original foodie and home cook, who learned to replace unhealthy, tasty 'food' or junk with nutrient rich, clean, tasty, real, good food, snacks & beverages.  > an eternal student, truth seeker & educator.  



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Always Protecting my Health/Wellness, Positioned to Help YOU Do the Same!


Again, What We Do
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Background of Bonita M.W. Shelby

We are a global company, sharing Clinical Aromatherapy using Young Living Essential Oils and other complementary healthy lifestyle options in many countries around the world.  If you live in the DMV area, you can make an appointment for a general health and wellness consultation or for an amazingly accurate electronic biosurvey that will tell you what Young Living Essential Oils and infused products your body prefers. However, if you are in other areas, contact us to see if there are Next Level Self Care Team Leaders in your area.  If not, then you can be the first in your area. Contact Us or if you are ready, your first step is to join with us here; Member # 530304, Sponsor/Enroller.