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We're changing the way you view and do:

  • real food
  • clean, safe and softer water
  • unadulterated essential oils 
  • health/self care

Click on the links at the top of this page to learn more about how we can serve and help you make the highest quality wellness decisions for you and those you care for and about.  You'll discover information and choices that will enable you to choose an unparalleled healthy lifestyle, putting you in the decision making position with amazing body, mind and spirit friendly solutions of which most people are unaware.  Take a look around this web portal and explore the links to get an idea of what we have to offer you to enhance your lifestyle. ENJOY!


  • This is a health ministry business focusing on wellness.
  • We care about your total health, well being and wellness.
  • We seek and promote balance in all aspects of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, family, professional, financial, social and recreational.
  • There is help for you; if you want to be helped, we are here to help you.
  • We offer a lifestyle of Wellness, Purpose & Abundance - you can choose to embrace all three, two, one or none.


Why Your Teeth are Necessary Beyond for Chewing Food & Proper Digestion

from Natural World Healing - Amazing infographic tying each tooth to body organs and emotions

Reinventing the Workplace: An Intergenerational Challenge from encore.org second acts for the greater good - "The two generations are becoming a critical mass that can challenge employers to reconsider policies and traditions that make it impossible for their employees to give their all – and then, go home to the rest of their lives." (excerpt)

These articles are not for BOOMers only...

16 Foods for a Long, Healthy Life   from AARP online; very informative, encouraging infographics; most foods are great choices; note that coffee becomes an issue when loaded down with white sugar or artificial sweeteners, questionable dairy milk/cream, artificial flavorings, you know...junk (and that applies to any real food loaded down with other unhealthy condiments) 

Home cooking is a main ingredient in a healthier diet

from Medical News Today, this applies to anyone but we are looking out for BOOMers!

​Why Everything You Think About Aging May Be Wrong

​from the Wall Street Journal, researched and reality for many of us health conscious BOOMers!

Stress! Don't Let It Make You Sick

from AARP online; excellent, detailed, research based article of how stress goes from normal functioning into chronic dysfunction creating havoc and actually causing many chronic dis'eases.

Of Interest to...

Always Protecting my Health/Wellness, Positioned to Help YOU Do the Same!

​The Tooth... & Nothing But the Tooth

from a 2013 Young Living Essential Oils blog post; a subject dear to my heart since as a young girl, I thought that at a certain age you had to have all of your teeth removed. This was based upon a lack of knowledge because my maternal Grandmother had all of her teeth removed and wore dentures when she went out. Fast forward to Next Level Self Care, I have all but one tooth in my head and that one was removed at 10 years of age due to lack of knowledge on my dear Mother's watch. I'm blessed to know that there are others who received and heeded the memo.

Disclaimer: The statements on this web portal have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Information provided is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, prevent or cure any disease.  It is ancient information that has been passed down from generation to generation into the 21st Century for wellness education and empowerment to make healthy lifestyle choices. It is rooted in and based upon biblical wisdom, knowledge and guidance of eternal, quality of life practices and principles.


What Do We Do?

Our focus areas are primarily three wellness enhancing lifestyle choices which reduce stress on the body, mind and spirit: 

  1. Nutrient Rich, Clean, Real Food - education, choice, and home cooking
  2. Clean, safe, softer water - for drinking and bathing/showering with advanced purifiers. (From Hydroviv, designed by a DC Chemist, use 20% disct code Hydroviv18 
  3. Clinical Aromatherapy - adopting the therapeutic use of **unadulterated essential oils for the 21st century lifestyle. (**We use Young Living Essential Oils and enhanced products. Member #530304, Sponsor/Enroller)
  4. Other Body, Mind and Spirit Friendly Health and Wellness Focused Choices  
  5. Always being teachable, staying current, adopting the latest and best of the health/wellness industry and sharing with others.


Stop and Smell the Flowers - The Scent Really Can Soothe Stress